Welcome to my online portfolio!
Feel free to look around.

I am a classic part-time photographer. Whenever I have time or a chance, I grab my camera and go out to shoot.
The most of the time, I do cosplay-Shooting, with friends.

I started few years ago with a point-and-shoot camera from Canon. I felt so great with it, to capture moments and memories, that my father bought me a Nikon D3100. After just one year later I realized, that this is not enough and then I spend all my earnings for a Nikon D90.
So now, I’m still working with my Nikon D90, because it’s still doing its job and a lot of my family members and friends are having fun with my hobby.

So,… if you want to join – feel free. You’re welcome.

Sylvari from Guild Wars by Miez-Cosplay

What is Cosplay?
Something really creative and fantastic.

Cosplay is a combination of two words. Costume and Play.
Those who do Cosplay are called Cosplayer. In very simple speech, they’re moving art.

Cosplay means, that you as a person, is trying to represent a specific character of a role you really like.. A lot of do Cosplay from Anime or Manga and other do Cosplay from any Movie they know. Or few people just do fashion related and selfemade characters.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft by Claire-Cosplay

Did you know, that I’m working for CosDay²
Who is CosDay²? And what are you doing there?

The CosDay² is a two day Convention in Frankfurt am Main. CosDay² is a contraction of the words Costume and Day and the uppercase two stands for the two days.

Well, what I’m doing is easy to say. I work as an organizer for the safety and medical services at the event.
If you want to know more, just visit cosday.de